Friday, February 20, 2009

About That Stupid Monkey Cartoon

So you're parading around complaining about that one comic that appeared. You know, the one with the monkey getting shot and the cop saying, "I guess they'll have to find somebody else to write the new stimulus bill." You know, the one directly above here.

Now if I may remind your rotting brains of what we've been throwing around the internet for the past eight years:

Google "Bush Monkey".

Had we seen this comic if Bush was the president, we'd all be laughing our asses off, wouldn't we?
Haven't we ALWAYS compared our government to a bunch of stupid, confused monkeys who do nothing but throw shit around all day? Since when did we turn this around and suddenly make it a racist and violent threat against the President?
And for the record, Obama did no write the whole damn over 9000-page stimulus plan entirely on his own. He pretty much came up with the idea and people who worked for him wrote it up for him.
This comic is a classic example of two things: 1. Comics that compare one media event to another are always going to go under fire for misunderstanding, and 2. People are stupid and racist.

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