Thursday, November 20, 2008

DO WANT, Episode 1: The HP TouchSmart tx2

Hello, and welcome to DO WANT! This is when I take a short break from talking about important issues to stare at special things that I really want.
Let's start off this episode with something I REALLY DO WANT. The HP TouchSmart tx2.Let's see.
Massive screen that can turn the laptop into a tablet. Check.
Touchscreen and stylus. Check.
Fancy-pansy media center pre-installed. Check.
Amazing designs covering the entire machine. Check.
Reasonable price? Check!
Now for the ISSUE.
I'm running a Windows Vista Home Basic, this is Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows 7 comes out next year with touchscreen optimization. By then, TONS of laptops like this one will be out.
Should I get this laptop now and install 7 when it's released, or wait until 7 comes out before I decide to switch computers?

Also, if you tell me to switch to Apple, leave immediately. I've used Apple computers before. They MADE me a dedicated Windows person.
Though I've never tried Linux. I should look into it. I hear it's good.

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

Looks very nice. I think you should get it. :3

Also, I think Jack has a computer like that. O.o Er...he has some kind of tablet PC...

November 21, 2008 at 10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

got it. very nice. installing linux seems a pain in the ass; got the stylus working, but not the right clicking no luck with touch. also linux support for tablet is far inferior to vista support. had some problem with the tons of craps installed by hp. I hope to get linux working in a couple of days, however, then I'll decide if vista has to be kept. multi touch gestures are really unuseful under vista, only two are preprogrammed and awfully integrated. the cpu is really good, vastly superior of most of the intel ulv found on other tablets, 4g of ram are really a good addition. the graphic card is really bad. so bad that europa universalis III has graphical issues, but that is not a real problem for me, I got it mainly for drawing and as a portable programming station, and for both of those uses it's an excellent machine. on waiting: keep in mind that youll'be able to get a better one waiting, but not expect awesome specs increase, 4g ram and 2,2gig cpu are really good, and surely do not hope in a price reduction, as older model are retired before depreciation. waiting you'll be able to get a low power atom based touch for 2/3 or less of the price, but expect it to be a joke of a tablet: how would you see running pothoshop on an atom processor?

February 18, 2009 at 2:31 AM  

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