Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wolf Nanaki's Movie Reviews!?

Wait, what? Yes, people, I am doing movie reviews now!

This summer, I've seen a few films, and I have an urge to write about them. So sit back and listen to my opinions!

Note: I'm keeping the reviews short and to the point.


This movie I saw while I was at camp. The story focuses on a panda who wants to learn martial arts, and suddenly has to become the "Dragon Warrior" in order to save China from some superpowerful evil villain.

I actually liked this film a lot. It was emotional, it was humorous, and very well-animated. Jack Black's a damn impressive voice actor for films like this.

I would not have paid to see this though. Thankfully, I got in for free! ;D

So after leaving camp, I saw a few more movies:


Oh god. Oh dead sweet god. Why the hell did I see this?

Let's see, what's there to say about this? There's a forgettable plot, forgettable characters, and an unforgettable record for the most Pen Fifteen jokes. The acting is like watching a crumbling brick wall; it starts off strong to establish the cast of characters, but fades away and dies as this movie drags on and on.

If you love yourself, if you love your money, if you love your family; PLEASE don not go see this film.


I will always wonder about this film. I know it's based on a comic series, but the movie is nearly NOTHING like it. I feel this may be LOOSELY based on the comic. And by loosely, I mean attached by only a few weak threads. The characters and plots are SIMILAR.

And that's all. The rest was some funky idea mishmashed by whatever director was in charge. The violence and action is great, but this seriously wasn't aimed for the comic fans. You can tell the only reason this was filmed was to get a good look at Angelina Jolie's rear.


Another movie based on something that turns out way better than the film itself! Who knew I would end up reviewing TWO?!

Steve Carell is the star of this film. You can guess that the film is going to be funny, just because he's in there. But the film goes from funny to fucked slowly...and painfully. The movie's plot and action are done nicely, but the directing and acting could use work.

You might as well watch reruns of the original show. Save yourself some time.


The film was...erm...decent? Thank goodness they got the original actor from the show to play the CGI Hulk, and to provide the voice. Also, bless the director for keeping Hulky at a consistent size. In the last film, he just kept growing, for NO REASON.

Hulk films usually don't turn out great, but this one was at least better than the new one from a few years back. I don't have high hopes for sequels, but of course, there's that Tony Stark showing up right before the credits. Oh god. More Marvel movies on the way.


I feel honored to be able to review this film. It was actually released back in Japan in December 2005, but I was just able to see it a few days ago.

A goat named Mei and a wolf named Gabu become friends by chance, after meeting in a dark cabin one stormy night. However, their friends and family soon fight now, and the trust between the two is put to the ultimate test.

Of all the films I've reviewed tonight, this one goes down as the best film I've seen so far this year. The animation is rich and warm, the story is perfect, and the directing is amazing - I found myself tearing up by the end of the film. If there's anything you should do while the summer is young, take some time to watch a series of picture books come to life in a beautiful and creative way.

So what movies should I review next? Not sure. My friends tell me to check out Hellboy II, and The Dark Knight seems to be pretty popular as well. Whatever I see, I'll let you know about.

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Anonymous An Cat Dubh said...

I haven't watched any of these films, but I might watch 'Arashi no Yoru Ni' (if it ever gets to Israel >>), and maybe 'Kung-Fu Panda'.
And 'The Dark Knight' is great. Not as amazing as they say, but it is certainly worth your money :D

October 22, 2008 at 5:13 AM  

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