Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Plan to Save the World

We all know about now that the world is kind of screwed over, and that's an understatement.

Oil prices are skyrocketing. Food prices are soaring. Jobs are disappearing. I fear that if this continues the way it does today, another World War may break out over the basic human needs.

I have some ideas on what can be done to save our dying world.

First, we need to construct Floating Farms. It's a little idea I've got; artificial farms built indoors or above buildings that grow important crops, like wheat (which we're running out of). With proper regulation and a little time and effort, food can be produced cheaply, and there would be no more fears of flooding killing crops.

Also, we need to have a Democrat leading the country. Right now, the Republican party believes that all of our money and resources should go to a country that wants us dead. Oil prices are driving us mad, as all the oil we need for our everyday lives is going to our dying troops fighting for a lost cause.

We need to leave the country and go into a period of global hibernation; we stop meddling with the affairs of other countries and focus on the people here at home. We have kids that need to go to school, people who need to be fed, and an economy that needs to take a turnaround.

Also, could we NOT put a tariff on imported stuff? Maybe other countries would do the same, so we can SELL stuff?

And finally, we need the government to stop turning a blind eye towards big businesses. As the companies send their work to other countries, we lose work over here. They need to bring the factories back to America, and as a more helpful approach to saving the planet, start up farms in the foreign countries to increase food production.

That's my two cents, because I don't believe we should sit around and let the world die.

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