Saturday, May 24, 2008

Florida Supercon - May 23, 2008


You have no idea how awesome this convention was.

The convention this month had everything; friends, manga, and tons of yaoi.

Here's the Yaoi I managed to pick up. These three together were only 15 bucks. o_o

"bond(z)" I got because the cigarettes on the cover were very tempting. I got "The Crimson Spell" because it had tentacles. I've seen "Pet on Duty" around, and I wanted to get it for a while.

Also, I got the "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Complete Series" box set.

Just because I don't have a DS and can't play the game legally. :P

Also, I got to meet Chris Crocker.

Why is it that the first time I met such a pretty celebrity, I ended up looking like a retard? o_o;

Speaking of people...

Tons of cosplayers. One thing that irritated me to no end was the amount of Deathnote cosplayers. My god, they were EVERYWHERE. @_@;;;

Also, I got to visit my friend Zina's hotel room, because she's going there all three days. I got to have some Pocky, because no convention on this good planet is complete without the stuff.

And I saw a funny toilet in her bathroom. Is it Japanese? It reminds me of a Washiki.

My brothers were also at this convention. It was their first real convention experience. Reuben met the man from Thundercats, and Dante from Clerks.

Also, Master Shake can now be called the official FSC mascot. He's at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Overall, this year's convention was exciting and rewarding. I got to see some friends, make some new ones, got tons of mangas, and even handed out my business cards.

I really had fun, and I hope I'll be at the next convention. I just need to get some money. x_x

There was one part of the convention that just made it perfect.

I found an artist doing commissions, Luniara, and I gave her 10 bucks for a commission.

She drew and inked Wolf Nanaki, and it was AMAZING BEYOND ALL COMPREHENSION.

I wish I had a scanner, so you could see how epic this art truly is.

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Anonymous Assassin said...

You like Yaoi? 0_0

June 3, 2008 at 12:28 PM  

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