Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Reviews: Psychic Power Nanaki, Volume 1

What is this? I'm writing a review? Yes, it is!

I'm going to start reviewing manga! Isn't that nice? You get to finally read something WORTHWHILE in this blog!

Today, I will be reviewing Psychic Power Nanaki, by Manga-ka Ryo Saenagi, released in November 2007 by Tokyopop. Oh, is it a coincidence that Wolf Nanaki is reviewing a book about Nanaki?

This manga starts you off fast. A high school boy, Nanaki, is hit by a car. A few days later, he returns to school, only for tons of odd and unusual things happening in his wake. Suddenly, another boy, Ao, appears and reveals that the problems at school are Nanaki's own fault - turns out, the accident gave Nanaki psychic powers. However, he needs to get them under control; this is where the Paranormal Task Force appears, who investigate psychic crimes and train psychics to use their powers properly.

This book does so many things right that I barely know where to begin. The author uses time wisely and properly; he gets directly to the most important parts of the story, whether it be for a part of the story's plot development, or character development. No time is ever wasted on the lesser things, like quick comic relief, pointless bickering, or the classic scene of one main character staring up at some starry sky and questioning themselves. This manga knows how to pull you in to a good story. I wasn't even interested in the psychic genre before getting this!

The story itself is kept rather low, but only to prepare the characters for something bigger. The two leads - Nanaki and Ao - have clashing personalities; Nanaki is loud, outspoken, and adventurous, while Ao is silent and mysterious, yet not by too much. This, and not to mention their massive differences in Psychic abilities, makes scenes between the two fun and interesting to read.

The artwork is very impressive to boot. The artist seemingly knows what he's doing; the background and characters both stand out equally well, and the art is topped off with a nicely-done clean cut layout on each page. Artwork is always given great detail. Scenes ranging from Nanaki walking to school to the sight of a wooden zombie puppet (which freaked out my friend, by the way) are all equally drawn with impressive style.

This manga has tons of room to expand and become great. I'm picking up Volume 2 as soon as it shows up around here!


9 out of 10

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Well said.

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