Friday, November 9, 2007

Fruits are bad for you!

And I have proof!

See it? DO YOU SEE IT?!

Yes, that IS BomberNanimon from Digimon painted orange with a leaf. :P

How did this happen? Blame Disney. They were dubbing Digimon Savers (Digimon Data Sqlad) when they saw something in Episode 7.

They noticed that near the end of the episode, a BomberNanimon invades a crowded theme park and starts tossing bombs everywhere.

They noticed that BomberNanimon is a big, BLACK, WALKING BOMB that throws BOMBS.

So they said, in the simplest of terms, "No giant walking bombs that throw bombs".

So the Digimon team (bless them xD ) decided to come up with something to replace it, while keeping the episode unchanged (or unaired, for that matter). So they made Citramon, a giant walking orange that throws exploding limes.

It's absolutely ridiculous, and the fruity puns got annoying after a while, but it was still pretty clever. :D

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Anonymous An Cat Dubh said...

Christ, I hate it when they do it! Why the hell did Israel buy Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon in the American censored version?! >_____<

October 22, 2008 at 5:17 AM  

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